The Power of Letting Go


How many of us have been in a position where we are up against a wall, we literally have nowhere to go, and we STILL find a way out of making the hard decision. It’s like the safety of the thing that doesn’t feel good and is pushing us up against the wall, STILL seems to be the acceptable decision. What in the world are we doing?

Here’s the thing. When we are unhappy, when life is really terrible for all the reasons, often times we feel stuck in our past decisions, decisions that vary drastically but are the same in their own right… We stay in the same loveless marriage that lacks passion or authenticity. We try to convince someone from walking out of our lives, adamant that we know what we want so we try to control the situation. We are miserable in our jobs that we wake up to everyday so we drink too much to make up for it. We don’t have the courage to use our voices and tell our parents or siblings or friends for that matter, that we don’t have the same beliefs and that’s ok, and furthermore really, really normal, so we nod and smile while allowing our integrity to lose a piece of us in the process… and the list goes on and on.

When we are unhappy, when it is terrible, when we are up against a wall and breathlessly frightened to make the hard decision, we have the choice to choose ourselves. We have the choice to TRUST ourselves. Because, honestly, we absolutely know what we are doing.

We are brave, courageous humans. We have endured a lot and evolved by listening to ourselves. By showing up, trusting that there is growth around every corner. We know what love is, it is inside of us. We are wired with an inner being (call that what you want, God, the Universe, Soul, Light, whatever resonates with you) and we KNOW what we need and what feels good. We don’t have all the answers, but I promise if we listen to ourselves, we have a really good idea of what our world would look like if we could have it, if we dare to dream and follow those passions that are being suppressed because we are scared of change. We get lost, we lose track of what we want, what is meant for us, and we sometimes make the wrong decision. Well, we also get to change our mind, because guess what, we all get lost sometimes. We all need a minute to find our way back.

I’m here to tell you, we can get back to what we want. It may be really hard, and pulling ourselves off of that wall will take being really, really vulnerable, but we are warriors. We can do and be anything we want. Right now. This moment. We can be and choose whatever our heart desires..

Show up. Always.

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