Waterfalls of Laos

As a Writer, Photographer and Artist at heart, I have continuously been pulled to travel this world and find beauty within the walls of all that is surrounding us. All of this has been in hopes that I will perpetuate insight into our world to those that have not yet had the chance to experience it themselves. Years ago I had the pleasure of working in the whitewater industry where I lived a simple life that involved experiences and people more than material things, as evident by the fact that I lived in a tent for a while. I found unprecedented joy in the wilderness, constantly searching for mountains, streams and valleys that would take my breath away. My joy and passion comes from the outdoors, and while I have traveled the world extensively, I have been eager and waiting for the right time to travel our breathtaking Country. Now is the time! 

 I have hiked on the banks of the Mekong River, submerging myself in the lives of the local people that beamed with pride in their beautiful river and country. I have walked through villages in Burundi to distribute bread to babies that cried out in hunger. I held the gentle hands of the people and smiled, cherished and spread hope to those around me. I have driven around Ethiopia to visit Orphanages to educate on adoption and help create processes for their caregivers, hoping to make a difference in the children’s lives. I have swam with Whale Sharks in Mexico and visited Sea Turtle refuges in Nicaragua where I helped set baby Turtles free into the great, vast ocean floor. I have held babies’ hands in Haiti as they stood behind bars in orphanages waiting to be held. I have walked in Patagonia, underneath the great mountain peaks of Torres Del Paine, Chile and felt how small I actually am in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. 

There are countless more memories to reflect on, but one thing that never waivers is my unending love for photography, writing and traveling. I share all of this because I have always had an eye for finding beauty, even within the rubble, and I can promise you that each of us can find every shadow and every peak that beckons to be captured, if we try. I am looking forward to this next chapter, let’s do this together.

Cheers, 2020, we got this.


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