Hello, Beautiful Souls!

I wonder what it would be like to walk free from the chains of self doubt. To see each day as it is; full of possibilities to take shape in a way we never could have imagined. What if we commit, everyday, to holding tightly to the beauty we have often glimpsed within ourselves but sometimes overlook. Beauty that is wild and voluptuous. Beauty that is graceful and elegant. Beauty that is so intensely magnetic that the moon seeks us out to feel the energy we emulate reflect back to it’s source in the sky. Because, in each day, as we walk free from the chains of self doubt, we awaken to the fact that this source has in actuality always been within us. Everything is us. All of us. We are the moon and stars, the beauty of a river that flows freely to the sea. The beauty of the salmon that fights upstream. The beauty of the snow flake that becomes whitewater in that forceful river. The unparalleled beauty of the rapid that houses furry and steadiness in a world that is intentionally spinning forward. The water that carries the sweet human remains that have once again returned to the circular flow of life. The source that is, always was, and always is. God is Love. We are Love.

Perpetual Emergence.

Please join me in our ongoing journey of growth and interpretation. My goal as a writer is to share with you, engage in life’s meanings, and be a light in a world that is full of opportunities circling around us. The mission is to BE LOVE every day. By committing with intentionality and integrity we can all become our best self and serve our unique purpose. Thanks for sharing with me! Here we go, y’all.

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