Let Go of Those That Hurt

What if we let go of the idea that we have to EMULATE something we have only CONVINCED ourselves makes us desirable to other people?

So much of this life is tethered around the art of making others happy. Saying the right thing, expressing ourselves the right way, believing what others believe. If I think hard perhaps I could pinpoint when the shift happened and when I started caring more about what others felt about me than I did how I felt about myself.

But, through actively growing in my understanding of life, I know that it genuinely doesn’t matter what others think about us.

The ones that are our soul brothers and sisters and lovers in this life, will love the shit out of us regardless if we say the right thing or wear the right costume. Their love for us is innate, our mutual understanding of each of our powerful forces in this world creates a relationship that doesn’t hurt, chastise, or demean. These are the relationships we want to keep. These are the ones that will encourage us to our next level of growth.

I believe these humans enter our lives during all phases, so it is important to be open to new relationships at every turn of the road.

Throughout this journey I have interactions with humans that remind me that we are not meant to have meaningful, long lasting relationships with everyone. In fact, while ALL interactions and connections that enter into our lives are for a unique purpose, many are not supposed to last. Most in fact.

I know that we can’t grow from people that bring us down. It isn’t possible. Someone that doesn’t have the same light in this world can’t take me to my next level of growth. That said, they CAN teach me something about this life, but those relationships are not the ones to focus our attention on. While there is a lesson to be learned from these humans, I say the goal with these individuals is listen, grow and then- thank you, next.

We can’t own other people’s issues they have and their choice of energy they put towards others or the world. If we get too embraced in how others desire to be negative, hurtful, overwhelming, boring- etc, then we will become this. While it is ok to empathize and encourage others to grow in their communication, energy and understanding, it is not ok for me to allow myself to let their words motivate me to feel less than worthy because of their issues.

We must stay true to the course of our growth. Find other people that inspire us, meet people that will blow our minds with new opportunities for understanding on this complex life. The people we need to be careful of, and potentially cut out of our lives, are the ones that bring hurtful energy into our lives because they don’t have the emotional intelligence to effectively deal with their own inevitable issues that we all face in this life. Let’s be honest, life can be excruciating and shapes everyone differently. This is where the risk comes in.

If we aren’t careful WE will allow ourselves to let OTHERS inspire us to feel as though we need to be different in order to be adored and liked by everyone. Staying true to the energy we are meant to share with this world is the key.

Cheers to understanding that we have a voice and a choice, remembering to use them wisely is the key. You do you, I’ll be here doing me.


With love, light and GROWTH!

Melissa Wilder Joyce

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