Saying YES!

Let’s grow old together.

Let’s hang on to this beauty that surrounds us and take the time to look at the person standing beside us while breathing in their energy of peace. The moments that we are currently within will pass into the night, but the energy we are creating will last forever.

This energy is a magnetic eclipse that surrounds and continues to pull us into it’s beautiful force field if we will allow it.

Life started out full of sweet naivety or in actuality sweet understanding of what is real. Somewhere along the way our focus shifts into the human realm that is full of frustration, roadblocks and temporary sadness. We all are in these bodies and experiencing similar bouts of competing priorities. While we circle the ring of battle, we must also accept that during these moments, they are also the best years of our life.

We often try to numb the mundane. We get high on the experiences that take our breath away while simultaneously turning our heads in disgust from the boring, everyday reality of being in human form. We forget that everything we have ever desired and every ounce of the joy we will have on this earth, is within us already. Even in the moments of mundane existence, it’s there for us to tap into.

What if these times, these moments surrounding the unexciting cities and jobs of our life, are, in actuality, as joyful and beautiful as that in which is already within us. The idea that all the joy, love, secure attachment, hope, desire and art is circling around within us, we don’t have to create it from scratch during these times that we often find to be uninspiring.

What if we let go of the idea that what we have within us is not enough and that we have to create or attract everything we desire from scratch. Whether that is beauty, money, charisma, joy, peace, art making (fill in the blank) because I believe it is simply not true.

If we want something, we already have it. It’s already inside of us. Think about what that means, it’s truly mind blowing. We have the desires for a reason, because the energy force is a match. We came to this earth with every ounce of talent and joy within us already and it’s not mandatory that we must attract it into our existence. What we must do is be open, say YES, and live into the emergence of what already is.

Let’s dive deeper.

If said desires already exist within us then perhaps it really is about going through the motions of calling them forward into a tangible reality. It’s that simple.

Throughout life we desire for change in different forms. Whether it is for something to be different than it is or something to be added to our life. The desires are endless. Now, with this new understanding that we already have what we desire, it is truly about figuring out how to acknowledge this possession, tap into this possession and courageously go through the process of calling it forward.

You see, we can’t fast forward through the process of becoming what we want to be.

We can’t desire to be a surgeon and the next day be able to operate. But, what we can do is desire to be a surgeon and the next day start tapping into the traits we already possess of a great surgeon. Then, if we are mindful, we will walk down the path of emergence and our desire of being a surgeon will be fostered. Before we know it we wake up and be off to operate.

We must stay true to our desires during the mundane existence of life. Following the path that is intuitive and full of our gut feelings is key. If something feels really bad, don’t do it anymore. If something sparks your interest and you desire it, go for it. You already have it within you, it’s just stepping up, saying YES and deciding to call it forward.

This calling forth takes courage. Over the years I have found that courage is the main ingredient to all virtues. If we are courageous I believe we have the key to unlock every joy, love, secure attachment, hope, and desire that is inside of us.

It’s through that courage to jump (taking action, quitting jobs, leaving unhealthy relationships, moving across the country, saying YES) that will continue to take us to our desired outcome. It is when you are not open to change that you will stay safely in the arms of the mundane.

With love, light and saying YES!

Cheers, y’all.

Melissa Wilder Joyce

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