What happens when we realize that what we have is not what we truly desire? What happens when we wake up and realize that we genuinely want something to be different than what currently is or we realize we constantly crave for a change in our current circumstance?

Desire in it’s rawest form.

The way I see it we have a few options. We could stay where we are and live into the current joyless reality that has become a normal state. We could fight for the situation to change, for the people involved to change, or for our jobs to become something that they just aren’t…

Or, we can bow out. 

I have found that when things are really shitty and prove time and time again that they are what they are, it is in those times that we must learn that the fighting just isn’t worth it. It just isn’t.

While some things are undoubtedly worth fighting for, a lot of times we need to let go of the tight grasp we have on the life we once thought we wanted.

Life is way to short to live in misery.

We must not attempt to make something become something that it is not. With this fighting comes resentment. With resentment comes sadness and hatred. With said emotions comes a blockage towards the next chapter of our growth.

When we don’t allow for things to pass when they’re supposed to we risk losing out on not only joy but deep expansion of our minds and souls. With this loss, and sometimes more importantly, we risk keeping another person from that same experience of growth just so that we can selfishly stay where we feel the most comfortable. Safe in the arms of what we know.

There are times when we know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Our joy and our peace shine brightly and is ever present in guiding our paths. There are also times when the road ahead is riddled with potholes of defeat. While those holes are undoubtedly needed from time to time, we cannot afford to allow them to be the definition of our journey.

Life is passing us by as we do so.

Often we wait it out to see if perhaps someone will change or the job will suddenly be fulfilling or the the money will be just around the corner or our heart will change back and desire what we once passionately sought after.

But, the truth is, our instincts already know what is and always has been. If we allow our human nature to courageously drop our barrier towards change, then we will be able to move into our next chapter that is waiting with open arms.

Joy, love, fullfilment, passion and inspiration could be just around the corner.

The key is to trust what our inner voices are guiding us towards. These voices will lead us to the outcome that is already ours, but only if we are willing to be courageous enough to listen.

Cheers, y’all.

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